Summer 2024

Video of the Week: Dave Bliss gets second chance, experiences redemption (by GameOn LU)

Game On LU recently sat down with former NCAA Division I basketball coach Dave Bliss, whose career fell apart in a scandal at Baylor University in 2003 after 500 NCAA victories as a head coach. After a lengthy wilderness period where Bliss was paralyzed by guilt and shame, Bliss finally learned to forgive himself and accept God’s forgiveness in his life.

“If I was refusing to accept that death on the cross for my sins, I had to be the most arrogant person going,” Bliss says in the video. “From that moment on it changed my repentance from beating myself up and the self-hatred you go through, to a glorious God-discovery of all the riches He has available for us.”

Today Bliss is back coaching at the collegiate level as a head coach at Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Watch Game On LU’s feature on Bliss by clicking HERE.

Bliss’s book Fall to Grace is available in the Sports Spectrum store.

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