Non-Profit's Mission Is To See The World Positively Impacted By Faith And Sports

Sports Spectrum believes in highlighting local ministries doing awesome work through sports. Today we feature Managers on a Mission as shared by its director Drew Boe who serves in the ministry.

Managers On A Mission (MOAM) is a 501c3 non-profit committed to developing uncommon future leaders of sport who will utilize the prominent and influential platform afforded to leaders of sport for God’s glory. MOAM accomplishes this by working with Student Managers, Interns, Graduate Assistants, and other aspiring sports professionals. These individuals are engaged in MOAM’s annual mission trips, service projects, and scholarship programs.

MOAM is primarily funded by its innovative Clean Out For A Cause program. This program collects new and gently used sports apparel from collegiate and professional teams and coaches throughout the country. Some of the donated items are then used on MOAM’s Annual Mission Trips, but the majority of the items are transformed into funding through MOAM’s ecommerce store, Authentic Athletic Apparel.

Our vision is to see the world positively impacted by the faith, talent, and resources of the sports industry.

The development of this nonprofit that started as a journal entry while I was in grad school at Virginia Tech is also a testament to the reality that God honors bold prayers, and bold prayers honor God.

Drew Boe (Founder) on their first ever mission trip to Rwanda in 2012.
(Photo Courtesy: Managers On A Mission)

Journal Entries:

6/4/2012 (during 1st ever mission trip to Rwanda)

“I am still very uncertain as to what will all come from this trip besides really growing in many areas of my life. But one thing that has recently been popping into my mind is a non profit that takes athletes on mission trips..”

8/1/2012 (2 months after the mission trip to Rwanda)

“Today I think God placed something on my mind that may be a calling.  I’m really interested in establishing a nonprofit that generates money off donations from Equipment Rooms surplus items.  These are then auctioned on eBay and profits are used to create grants for selected future leaders of sport to go on a mission trip.  This seems like an awesome idea to me. I just pray that if it is in fact in His provision, He will really bless me with the discipline, confidence and desire to carry this out for His glory.” 

1/20/2013 (shortly after completing my Master’s at Virginia Tech & creating framework of ‘Managers On A Mission’ as a class project)

“I am beginning to have anxiety about tomorrow’s meeting because I have absolutely no idea what will come from it but I do believe that God will reveal which direction He is calling me to go after tomorrow’s meeting. I pray that it is in God’s will for me to establish Managers on a Mission and to utilize the platforms of athletics for His glory.” 


“Don’t have much time to journal this morning but I can’t believe the vision the Lord seems to have given me for Managers on a Mission (MOAM) during my devotion time this morning. It really hit me that this ‘bible study’ group I am close to starting is being formed with 2 managers – which I believe will provide tremendous prayer support and maybe even the core leadership for MOAM?!?”

6/2/2013 –Managers On A Mission officially launches.

7/16/2014 (days after MOAM’s first ever group Mission Trip)

Selfishly, I struggle with feelings of loneliness and depression as I come to accept I have no job lined up now that I am back in MN. I struggle with trying to comprehend and accept that Managers On A Mission has become so heavy on my heart that I quit my job at Auburn, and have walked away from what I believe was a very promising career in the sports industry. There are times when I experience a great sense of freedom when thinking about the opportunity I now have to pour even more effort into something that means the world to me in Managers On A Mission, but I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t also make me feel extremely overwhelmed as I have no clue how my financial needs will be met, and often long to have a sense of normalcy or security that a regular job can provide. I struggle with the fact that for so long my identity has been too closely wrapped up in my career in sports. It has been easy to find pleasure and joy each Fall through games every weekend, and the excitement and attention that each game garnered from my family, friends, and fans throughout the country.

I rejoice in God’s promise that He gives perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm, and place their trust in Him (Isaiah 26:3). Do I, or the rest of our Board know exactly what is to come for Managers On A Mission? No. But we do have great reason to rejoice and view the future with hope as we know God is sovereign and in control. Praise God that MOAM has an opportunity to not only assist the Rafiki Foundation, but to connect future sports leaders with one of the most transforming experiences of their life, during one of the most developmental times of their life.

It was shortly after this that the Lord did provide the financial means for me to pursue MOAM full time, and we have been trying to keep up with the Lord ever since…

2015: MOAM sends 7 Future Leaders of Sport to 3 Rafiki Foundation Orphanages

2016: MOAM sends 10 Future Leaders of Sport to 3 Rafiki Foundation Orphanages

And this Saturday, MOAM will send 20 Future Leaders of Sport with over 1,300 pounds of donations to 5 Rafiki Foundation Orphanages.

Please be sure to follow along on our blog and social media as our groups will actively reflect upon all the Lord is teaching us throughout our 3 weeks of sports camps in Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi, and Liberia June 17th – July 9th.

To God be the Glory!!

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