Summer 2024

Managers On A Mission: College basketball coach serves Uganda

Managers On A Mission (MOAM) is an organization striving to “develop uncommon individuals of character,” and particularly “future leaders of sport,” through Christ-centered service projects.

Fueled by donations from countless teams across the college and professional landscape, it invests in both the children of Africa and the future of coaches, trainers and student managers by serving overseas, providing sports equipment and preparing the next generation of leaders for a career in sports.

In partnership with Sports Spectrum, MOAM is sharing stories of some of its own up-and-coming sports leaders, specifically their experiences serving in Africa this summer.


Person: James Morrison
Men’s basketball coach (Huntingdon College, University of South Carolina)

James Morrison in Uganda. (Courtesy of James Morrison)

“I can’t say there was one specific thing that drove me to MOAM. It’s everything that MOAM represents and what the goal of MOAM is. The idea of being able to go to a country in Africa to teach your faith and your passion for sports for three weeks is all I needed to hear/know before being drawn … What MOAM is able to do is remarkable.

“Jesus impacted my life in so many ways while I was in Africa. I went into the trip with no idea what I was getting myself into. Jesus showed me really how amazing He is. It is so clear. It was a reminder of how thankful I am to live for Him and to know I have Him in my life. He showed me what pure joy looks like, what gratefulness looks like, what living for Him truly looks like. My mindset and way of thinking and living is so different now and in such a positive way — my way of speaking to others, my way of being positive.

“I hope to be able to live with a fire, an excitement, a joy, a purpose, a confidence and a peace wherever my career takes me. I have always been a person who gets anxious, stressed and nervous and even sometimes fearful, and by fear, I mean a fear to fail … After this trip, I want to erase all of that, because I know God has a special purpose for me, and it’s to live for Him. I want to carry that mindset wherever I go and create relationships through that. The sports industry is full of opportunity … We have the ability every day to make a positive impact, and there is no better way to make an impact than teaching God’s Word and sharing it to others.”

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