Summer 2024

WATCH: 'I ONCE WAS' - Former NFL Running Back Matt Forte


Stories of life transformation from the pro sports world


Matt Forte grew up going to church because it was the “religious routine” and he viewed Christianity as an “accessory.” In the NFL, he quickly became an outward success — a Pro Bowl running back, a household name. But when he was invited to a Christian conference for NFL players, he became convicted that he wasn’t living the life God had designed for him. So he asked God to help him truly submit his entire life to God’s will. That began an inward transformation that now has Matt as a real disciple making more disciples worldwide.

Watch the video above to hear Matt Forte tell his “I Once Was” story.


We’re all in the middle of a story, and whether we admit it or not, we want our stories to matter. It’s those stories of deep and lasting impact that come to life when a person encounters Jesus, and responds to Him by faith. “I Once Was” invites those in the pro sports world to share their own transformational stories, describing the very moment that changed their lives forever.

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